When was the last time you enjoyed a beautiful sunset without feeling the urge to take a picture and share it with your network? Or the last time you enjoyed a nice dinner with your partner with no other interruption than the waiter taking your order? For me, those moments have become fewer in the last decade, and I know you have noticed this too.

Our attention span has been reduced from 12 to 9 seconds in the last decades (shorter than a Goldfish), political polarisation is on the rise and our capacity to have a simple conversation and to…

Rules provide constraints in your life. Constraints help you focus. Focus provides clarity. Clarity helps you take badass actions.

So, I have created these rules in my life. They will inspire you to create a few for yourself.

Be Quiet Most of the Time

There is a lot of noisy attention-seeking. Gain massive attention and then have it taken away. This has happened to me. It taught me that fame and attention is a nightmare.

Be quiet more than you talk. When you do talk, make it worth it. Talk for a small few. Take to 1000 small fans.

Don’t be a Donald (Duck)…. quack, quack…

Being an immense aficionado of social brain research, I like to investigate mainstream applications configuration to perceive what methods they use to pull in and connect with clients. Today you will figure out how TikTok onboards new clients, makes propensity circles, drives our conduct, and connects us to continue utilizing the application. Jump aboard! 👇

Everything begins with the sign-up screen. It’s pretty dope — all perfect and focused on client activity without any interruptions like onboarding. Obviously, TikTok can manage the cost of it since heaps of individuals understand what it is and for what reason to pursue it…

The biggest lesson to me is that the crisis has forced clients to understand design better — they come up with initial wireframes themselves to save money and they are often a great and agile start for us designers. I think this will lead to better products, when we all speak the same language. Instead of just being hired to do all the work, we guide them with their own work as a starting point. And this is great because it’s their product — they are more emotionally connected to it anyway.

The biggest lesson I learned in 2020 was

Editors, writers, and executives at today’s news outlets are all in a no-win situation where they are forced to contribute to the causes of their own demise to survive. In any other business, companies would try, fail, and another would take its place. This is good and needed.

But for news, the failures are happening at a glacial pace and bad actors are profiting as the trustworthiness of our news outlets are breaking down in slow motion. The result is the worst kind of feedback loop, where well-meaning people try to “fix” the news. …

Hildeg welch

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